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Digital Phase Converters

Precise, non-fluctuating digital conversion of single-phase power to 3-phase power.

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Product Description

  • Based on a unique, patented design with proprietary software in digital signal processor precisely controls the power switching process to generate clean, balanced three-phase power suitable for powering virtually any three-phase equipment.
  • Incorporates computer technology (along the lines of a VFD) to create three output phases from one input phase.
  • The computing power in a digital phase converter is focused on creating and regulating phase relationships.
  • This means that the three sine waves created are balanced to within a 1% voltage drop.
  • Utility specifications generally allow up to 5% voltage variation and a rotary transformer might have a 20% variation.
  • This tightly regulated output means you get full power out of the motor loads.
  • Each phase of the motor winding is pulling evenly and smoothly.
  • This converter will output steady three-phase power regardless of how small or large the load.
  • Up to its rated limit of course.
  • Highly efficient when compared to rotary transformers.
  • A typical 10 hp rotary transformer has standby losses of up to 8 amps or 1840 watts.
  • Phase Perfect has standby losses of 100 watts.
  • This has impact on your demand charges on your electric bill when you lower the total amp draw of your large motors with the balanced voltages and subtract the standby losses right off the top of your total demand load calculation.


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