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DE Filters – Horizontal Screen 2-5m2

Horizontal screens filter equipped with D.E. manual discharge system, filtration area 2-5m2

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Product Description

  • Equipped with D.E. manual discharge system
  • Compact mobile unit mounted on four wheels (two of them self-locking for a better stability).
  • Built entirely in stainless steel.
  • Dosing of D.E. by means of adjustable output dosing pump.
  • Flowmeter
  • Sight glasses light-up equipped for a better inlet and outlet product checking.
  • Horizontal filtering screens type ensure a definite stability of the cake.
  • Filtration of residual product remaining inside the bell housing is anticipated and carried out by the last positioned filtering screen placed in the vessel’s bottom.
  • A patented tilting system of the filtering screens & housing assure an easy clean-up with modest water consumption.
  • On the DCBL bell housing the weight of the tilted vessel during cleaning is supported by well designed shock-absorbers and by the vessel sliding on a support shaft.

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