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Custom Stelvin® Closures

STELVIN® is a screwcap specially designed for wine, combining an aluminium closure, a specific BVS bottle neck finish and a range of specific liners.


  • Premium silk-screen printing or high-speed offset printing (up to 5 colors on skirt / 3 colors on head)
  • Flat-printed or embossing on head
  • Large selection of liners adapted to winemakers’ needs
  • Available with STELVIN® Inside – PVDC free liner
  • Available with Saranex™ and Saran™Tin liners
  • Compatible with BVS finish (European Standard BVP – GME 30.13; US Standard GPI 1680-03



  • Convenience: easy to open, close, reopen, store and transport
  • Sustainable
  • Guaranteed STELVIN® quality – excellent seal properties, consistency from one bottle to another
  • Absence of cork taint – TCA
  • Consistency from one bottle to another
  • Preservation of wine aroma, flavor, and freshness
  • Brand differentiation: intricate decoration options and finishes


Canadian Production Plant

  • Minimum order quantity of 101,250 pieces

USA Production Plant

  • Minimum order quantity of 13,500 pieces


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