Centrifugal mill RM 5,5

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Centrifugal mill with replaceable stainless steel screens for adjusting the degree of shredding for pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries.

Technical Data

Nominal rating kg/h 4200 kg/h
Motor rating 5,5 (7,5) kW (PS)
Connected load 400V 50Hz (3-phase)
Electrical protection 16 A
Length 730 mm
Width 690 mm
Height 1420 mm
Discharge height 1420 mm
Weight 83 kg
Material 1.4301 / AISI 304
Height mash outlet 470 mm
Scope of supply with 9 mm cutting screen


Milling pears with centrifugal mill RM5,5

Shredding apricots with centrifugal mill RM5,5

Shredding cherries with centrifugal mill RM5,5

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Product: Centrifugal mill RM 5,5

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