Belt press EBP 420

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Belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, automatic belt control and high pressure belt cleaner. The mash is applied to the belt in a uniform layer by the adjustable metering box, at the end of the pressing sequence the pomace is removed from the belt by a scraper. Suitable for a wild range of fruit & vegetable juicing applications.


Scope of Supplyhigh pressure cleaner, compressor
Nominal rating kg/h600 kg/h
Juice Yield75 %
Width1090 mm
Length 1820 mm
Weight550 kg
MaterialAISI 304 stainless-steel
Belt width420 mm
Contact time0,4 - 1 min
Inlet height1290 mm
Height pomace ejector780 mm
Water consumption for cleaning12 l/min
Motor ratingDrive motor 0.75 KW Cleaning motor 0.37 KW
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Product: Belt press EBP 420

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