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Albrigi Battonage Tanks

Cutting-edge technique that exploits the noble lees of the wines generated during fermentation.

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Product Description

Process tank designed to recover the noble lees and put them back in suspension to make the batonnage process. It keeps the temperature of the mass of the musts uniform during the fermentation phase. Ideal during the fermentation and refrigeration phases because intermittent movements of the blade make the whole mass of musts or wines homogeneous.

  • A cutting-edge technique that exploits the noble lees of the wines generated during fermentation
  • Periodically suspending the lees, exploiting an enzymatic action that causes autolysis of the yeast cell
  • This favors the release of several compounds, primarily the mannoproteins which increase the fullness and roundness sensation in wines
  • The patented mechanism is composed of one interchangeable propeller-shaped blade with food-grade rubber scraping against the bottom
  • Designed to lift the lees during rotation
  • Can be installed on tanks with tapered, dished, or flat bottoms & diameters 1100 mm up to 4000 mm
  • Maximum 100,000 liter capacity.

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