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Portable and Stackable Tanks

Pallet-izable tanks specifically designed for small capacities

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Product Description

Portable & Stackable Tanks
  • Pallet-izable tanks specifically designed for small capacities
  • Used to store, transfer and ferment small masses of pressed grapes, must and wines
  • Type-testing and inspected in compliance with European standards
  • This system is safe for stocking, handling and transporting full tanks of wine with fork-lifts, pallet jacks, trailer-trucks, and, with aluminum frames, suitable for and type-tested for air freight
  • Large doors for removing the marc after fermentation
  • Conditioning jackets & all the other winemaking accessories such as thermometers, temperature probes, mobile or fixed washing systems
  • Designed to mount nitrogen inert gas systems
  • Non-deforming, self-supporting, indestructible, de-mountable AISI 304 stainless steel frame made of 2 mm thick 80 x 80 mm tubular sections
  • AISI 304 or AISI 316 or special steel tank with circular self-supporting base and fastened to the frame with screws and plugs
  • Can also be ordered as stacking pallet tanks where the frames are designed and manufactured to securely stack the tanks on top of each other when there is limited floor space in the cellar

As in most ALBRIGI tanks, conditioning jackets can be added in three ways:

  1. Our innovative TankWrap polypropylene heat exchange bands
  2. Stainless steel thermal bands or
  3. Installed stainless steel THERMOSTAR heat exchange jackets

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