WHY FLEXTANKS as a barrel alternative?

Jul 7, 2020

WHY FLEXTANKS as a barrel alternative?

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Benefits of all Flextanks vs. oak barrels or stainless steel tanks are:

Enhanced Durability: Produced using extremely durable polyethylene, Flextanks are built to last up to 20 years, that’s more than double the life of oak barrels! The vessels are manufactured by SmaK Plastics in the US using the highest quality North American resins approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority.

Space Savings:

Flextanks are configured for high-efficiency use of space in professional wine, cider, mead and related beverage-making industries. The variety of tank options makes it possible to double the production capacity of your existing barrel room.

Cost & Labor Savings:

Second only to the cost of equipment, one of the biggest financial challenges for beverage producers is the cost of labor. With Flextanks, topping off barrels is eliminated plus cleaning is made far less time consuming, lowering your cost of labor dramatically.

Oxygen & Flavor Consistency Control:

Scientifically designed to assist in oxygen management, Flextank options include both heavyweight and lightweight maturation vessels which simulate the micro-oxygenation process of both neutral and two-year-old oak barrels. The resulting hygienic environment makes “clean” tasting wines that preserve the flavours of the fruit with the heightened ability to precisely control the flavor with high-quality oak barrel alternatives.

Environmental Impact:

Flextank aims to keep its environmental impact as minimal as possible. In line with that aim, all of our polyethylene vessels and metal accessories are fully recyclable. Flextanks also require much less water for effective cleaning than similar capacity vessels made from wood or stainless steel.


This tank brings new versatility to wine making. Use as a primary fermenter and as a long term storage maturation vessel. Superior fermentations are facilitated in these tanks due to their conical egg shape, promoting both internal convection mixing and cap concentration.

230 Gallons (870 liters) | Diam.: 48 inches | Height: 51 inches | Weight: 80 lbs



This Maturation Tank is sized to accommodate the average juice yield from 0.5 ton of grapes and fit efficiently into transportation and storage systems.

80 Gallons (300 liters) | Diam.: 24 inches | Height: 46 inches |Weight: 40 lbs

Dexter 80


Stackable - 3 & 4 high when full.

These tanks feature a stacking cage that allows convenient movement or stacking with a fork truck. The tanks may also be elevated on a fork truck to facilitate gravity racking.

Stacker FlexTanks

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