Used crossflow filter for sale

March 18,2020

Price $16,000

Used crossflow filter for sale. Only used with wine and cider. Three phase power and well taken care of. Located in Bend, Oregon.


  • Tangential flow micro-filtration allows the filtering, clarification and micro-biological stabilization of your wine in one pass. The advanced engineering of the FTS cross-flow filters guarantees the full respect of the structural and organoleptic qualities of your wine.
  • Simple regeneration with warm water allows to quickly move from one cycle of filtering to another
  • Cleaning is carried out by common alkaline products (100% pure caustic soda)
  • The range of cross-flow filters also includes versions for carbonated beverages (sparkling wines, beer, etc), and products with a high suspended solids (must, fruitís juices, etc)


  • Polypropylene filtering membranes have a capillary structure with symmetrical open fiber pores
  • Membranes are fixed in stainless steel housings that are pre-assembled on a mobile skid, making the filters immediately ready to use


  • Feeding pump group built with stainless steel
  • Recycle pumps operating at low rotation speed but at high yield, all made of stainless steel
  • Back flush system for the periodic and automatic counter-washing of the membranes, carried out during the process with the filtered wine
  • Instrumentation control, transducers of pressure for the maintenance of the PTM pressure
  • Visual sight-glasses, sample valve, optional flow-meter, optional thermometer
  • Control board with PLC
  • Pneumatic valves for automated control (on semi-automatic models)
  • Semi-automatic (series FTS-SA): the cycle of filtration and the counter-washing are automatically managed
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