Troxler TA1600K - Filler/corker

August 5,2020

Price $15,000

  • Troxler TA1600K-10 built in 2003
  • 10 spout gravity filler. 1000 bottles per hour for 750ml
  • Corking station includes CO2 sparging
  • Automatic pump control for feed pump
  • Adjustable height has a wide range which will fit most bottles (375-750ml)
  • Change parts for bottles of the following diameters: 82mm (for 750ml Burgundy), 76mm (for 750ml Bordeaux and hock styles), 68mm, (375ml) 61mm (375ml)
  • Single phase 208/230V
  • Requires compressed air at 6 bar at a rate of 200 l/min

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