TMCI Padovan Green Filter G5-TOP

Price $11,000.00 USD

The Padovan Pressure Leaf Green Filter is a leaf filter with filtering plates configured in horizontal positions that allow for a more uniform pre-coat on each of the filtering septums and is capable of rough or polished filtration. Available in sizes ranging from 2 square meters to 80 square meters.

Features include:

Designed to be highly sanitary and easy to clean Adjustable body feed allows for customizable operation Wheeled tray for collection of spent cake after filtration Scavenger filter to maximize efficiency Suitable for use in many applications, specifically grape juice and wine Each unit can be configured specifically to meet your needs Pressure leaf filtration provides superior filtrate quality with minimal time and footprint Maximum pressure up to 6 Bar, extending the filtration cycle

This is a 2016 model and only used a total of 3 times. It is in absolute mint condition. It comes with 1.5 pallets of Dicalite Speedflow – 50lb bags & 1/2 pallet of Dicalite 5000 – 50lb bags

Contact Info:

Robert Russell
operations Manager

Cell: 1-902-223-4720