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DIEMME MICROFLEX/24 – The Smart Wine Filter

August 16,2019

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  • Very Gentle, Single-Pass, High Flow Filtration
  • 1 Micron Absolute Filtration with very low pressure across the filters
  • Replaces DE and X-Flow with Proven Cartridge Filtration Technology
  • Eliminates "Beaten Up" Post-filtration Effects commonly found with other filtration technologies
  • Low Filter Media Cost per liter
  • Customisable Automatic filtration programs
  • Automatic Intermittent Rinsing and Washing cycles as required to maximize the cartridge life-span
  • Zero Oxygen Pick-up during filtration…when rinsing or cleaning, all wine is purged from the filter with inert gas and the filter is pre-purged with inert gas before any wine is allowed to re-enter
  • Flow Rate Range: 25 - 80 hL/hr* (*dependent upon initial wine clarity)