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Barida ISO 4/1C-A Counter-Pressure Automatic Bottle Filler/Capper

October 26,2017

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The compact size of this mono-bloc filler/capper combined with its high levels of efficiency and the flexibility of the controls make the ISO 4/1C-A the best solution for small-medium sized beer production and for those who want to limit the number of operators required for their bottling efforts.

  • Isobaric Counter-Pressure filling for carbonated products in glass bottles
  • CO2 Venturi Pre-Evacuation of air from the bottles prior to filling
  • Automatic crown capping
  • Up to 400 BPH (341ml)
  • AISI 304 Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Unique filling head system designed to reduce foaming by distributing the product uniformly on the inside walls of the bottles
  • Touch-screen controls for filling, pre-evac and degassing parameters

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