"I like the DIEMME Press because of its versatility, user friendly controls and how easy it is to clean. With the combination of low solids and high yields, I can't think of a better press. The service from Natalie Reynolds and the entire gang at cellar•tek was top notch, too."

Lawrence Buhler - VP of Winemaking at Colio Estate Wines

"Since first opening our doors at Okanagan Crush Pad Winery in 2011 we have worked with Cellartek to provide our equipment, bottling needs and so much more. Their team is great to work with and their dedication and customer service is stellar. We look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Matt Dumayne, Christine Coletta & Steve Lornie - Winemaker & Proud Owners at Okanagan Crush Pad

"cellar•tek not only helped set us up with the right equipment to launch, but also with the expertise and flexibility to help us grow with our changing needs."

Alan Dickinson - Synchromesh Wines

"Thanks to cellar•tek for getting us the right destemmer for our needs. Thanks for the ongoing follow-up service. And thanks for listening"

Rob Power - Winemaker at Creekside Estate Winery in Jordan Station

"We’ve had a great experience with cellar•tek. Everything we need is only a phone call a way"

Balwinder Dhaliwal - Co-Owner at Kismet Estate Winery

"I always like dealing with cellar•tek. Their equipment is excellent and their service is second to none"

Darryl Brooker - Winemaker at Cedar Creek Estate Winery

"Winemaking is extremely time sensitive as harvest waits for no one, so it’s really nice to have the cellar•tek team right here when we need them"

Mason Spink - Winemaker at Dirty Laundry Vineyard

"In the past four years we have been very happy to work closely with the AEB products from cellar•tek, who have become a very important partner for us in developing high quality wines in Niagara"

Marco Piccolio - Winemaker at Jackson Triggs Estate - Niagara-On-The-Lake

"cellar•tek’s service technician, Justin Skladan, gave us a realistic quote, prompt friendly service and completed the project in a very professional manner, it was great!"

Chris Campbell - Owner of Blasted Church Vineyards

"I'm very happy with the throughput and lifespan of the Filtrox filter sheets. I love that Cellartek is in my neighbourhood"

Lydia Tomek - Winemaker at Hernder Estate Wine, Niagara

"I love my Albrigi tanks, best I've ever had"

Bernie Gorski - Owner of Colchester Ridge Estate Winery in Essex County

"Thank you cellar-tek for your conscientious assistance in designing and installing our new crushpad equipment. Just what we needed as a startup"

Catherine, Ray & Wendy Coulombe - Vin Perdu Cellars

"The only company/wholesaler who has gotten back to me with any useable information is Cellar-Tek 1.250-868-3186. They are very experienced in the brewing industry and I have had discussions with them in regards to your project and scope of work. They have provided useful direction and information which is very hard to obtain without a commitment from the buyer. I strongly recommend you call them and purchase your chiller directly from them to save some money."

Michael Hoenisch - Partner at Pinnacle Food Equipment Services LLP

"I think that Cellar-Tek continues to demonstrate their focus on being "THE" supplier that wineries can call on for service, support and supplies! We are excited that we have the opportunity to work together directly through your twice annual personal visits, over the telephone or email and through consultative needs by sending you samples. We appreciate the partnership approach you and Cellar-Tek bring, and we look forward to working closer together in the future. "

Frank Gregus - Pacific Breeze Winery

"We had a delivery of the press and filter last Friday. I would like to express my appreciation to Justin - very good job well beyond his direct duties. As a final touch of your sales process it's important to provide smooth timely and worries-free delivery of such bulky equipment - again, he did a great job!"

Oleg Aristarkhov - Moraine Estate Winery

"Cellar-Tek demonstrates commitment to the success of each individual winery as well as to the development of a professional Canadian wine industry. They make our cellar problems theirs and they are determined to find the right solution!"

Nikki Callaway - Laughing Stock Estate Winery

"Hey Natalie, just a quick note to thank you for helping out so quickly with that tank part. It really helped us out and we've been able to keep going on significant tonnage of Pinot Noir toady. Otherwise, I'd be in a big jam. Thanks again for the support."

Jay Johnston - Winemaker at Flat Rock Cellars

"Hey guys, I wanted to thank you all for making this vintage a smooth one (smooth is a relative term). In particular I want to sing the praises (as we would at Blasted Church) of Justin. Hard working, knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Give that man a bonus!!! "

Mark Wendenburg - Winemaker at Blasted Church Vineyards

"Thanks again Keisha for your amazingly FAST service!"

Ann Graham - Von Mandl Family Estates

"No thanks required. I am the one who is thankful and I really appreciate your time and kind comments. Any improvements in the wines are due in a large part to your suggestions and I have learnt so much (and I know still have to learn) from our conversations. I can see the improvements in the wines too and hope to continue to make progress. Thanks again, you're welcome at Cherry Point any time as it's always a pleasant and enlightening experience. I hope we can continue to have this relationship with yourself and Cellar-Tel and that it is beneficial to you as it has been for us."

Dean Canadzich - Cherry Point Vineyards

"Thank you, Keisha! As usual, Cellar-Tek is employing people that offer great customer service!"

Jeff Del Nin - Church & State Wines

"Hi Andy, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We were positive for Pectins on the Chard and Pinot Noir that just went to bottling. The addition of the enzyme ( even though not yours at this time) cleaned up the wines, and we were able to filter through the 2 micron filters reducing the NTUs to our bottling specs without any trouble at all. These were in totes and I ensured we filtered from the top then to the bottom valve. We have since put into practice the checking of the wines for Pectins and Glucans and have found several of the 2016 being racked out of barrels are testing positive for Pectins. It will be fresh on our minds so that we are able to address the additions on the Crush Pad moving forward. Thank you again so much for the information, the service and just overall attention to our wines! I will be looking at the filters we have in stock and will need to place an order. We are targeting the next round of filtering on these wines the last week of August. "

Barbara Hall - VQA Winemaker at Andrew Peller Limited

"You folks are great....very efficient and timely....now only if I could get my hops provider to strive for the gold like you folks!"

Darryl Tucker - Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse

"Thanks for the tanks Perry! These are truly appreciated. I just finished my first full brew last night in one of them and the second will get the same treatment in a few days. Such a nice tank in comparison to the others we have. Can't wait for the big one to arrive."

Brennan Andres - Owner at Wild Brewing Co