As of May 1, 2020, the Service department of Cellar-Tek Supplies will be operated independently as its own entity under the new name “Cellar-Tek Service and Mechanical Solutions Ltd”. The new company will continue to be directly affiliated with Cellar-Tek Supplies via a joint ownership between Ray Nunes and the partnership at Cellar-Tek Supplies Ltd. Building on the strengths that got us to where we are today, the company’s primary function will continue to place Cellar-Tek customers and their equipment at the top of the priority list. Leveraging Ray’s extensive background in the industry, we are also expanding our installation capabilities for mechanical solutions such as glycol chilling systems and temperature controls for tanks.


Ray Nunes

Cellar-Tek Service & Mechanical Solutions Ltd

Repairs & Maintenance

In-house certified technicians to look after all your equipment installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Design & Installation

Let us help you plan and execute your new projects and facility upgrades.


"No thanks required. I am the one who is thankful and I really appreciate your time and kind comments. Any improvements in the wines are due in a large part to your suggestions and I have learnt so much (and I know still have to learn) from our conversations. I can see the improvements in the wines too and hope to continue to make progress. Thanks again, you're welcome at Cherry Point any time as it's always a pleasant and enlightening experience. I hope we can continue to have this relationship with yourself and Cellar-Tel and that it is beneficial to you as it has been for us."

Dean Canadzich - Cherry Point Vineyards