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WEISS AROME+ is a dry, specialized brewing yeast for use in Belgian Wit, American Wheat and Hefeweizen wheat beer styles. Fermentation with this yeast produces clove phenols and banana esters; it’s suitable for a wide array of wheat beer styles.

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A yeast ideal for expressing esters and phenols specific to Weiss and Blanche beers. Weiss Arome + creates aromas characteristic of clove and banana and is suitable for all types of wheat beers. It has an alcohol tolerance up to 12% and an excellent fermentation capacity.

  • A specialized yeast strain selected for use in Belgian Wit, American Wheat and Hefeweizen wheat beer styles.
  • Fermentations produce clove phenols and banana esters suitable for a wide array of wheat-based styles.
  • This strain has very good fermentation yield and alcohol tolerance up to 12% ABV.
  • Fermentation time is 4 to 5 days @22C.
  • The yeast is granular resulting in a stabilized haziness in the finished beer.

Dosage is made according to original gravity; with the highest original gravity utilizing the highest recommended dosage.

From 12 to 18°P: 60 to 80 g/hL
> 18°P: 80 to 100 g/hL
Fermentation temperature: 12-25°C

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