SWASH Sink Top Growler Washer

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SWASH Sink Top Growler Washer
  • The beer, wine or distilled spirits you make is what you want your customers to taste.
  • When your glasses or stem-ware are not properly cleaned and sanitized, you run the risk of tainting the tasting
  • Swash Sanitizing Equipment has established itself as a leader in providing equipment and expertise to the food and beverage industry for cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing.
  • To optimize the cleaning process Swash Sanitizing Equipment has partnered with CMA Dishmachines to offer a hot water commercial washer that does not require the use of chemical sanitizers, reducing the risk of odors or off-tastes.
  • The Growler Washer - Sink Top is designed to be used on the side table of commercial sink such that the drainage from the Growler Washer is over the edge of the commercial sink. It consists of a cradle that securely holds the growler and a single conical spray nozzle which provides thorough coverage of hot or cold water inside the bottle. Wash time and cool down time is determined by the user. The basic unit includes hot and cold water manual shut off valves which are attached to facility hot and cold water supplies. Hoses not included. A few drops of commercial liquid detergent can be added to the growler prior to placing it in the Growler Washer cradle.
Options Available
  • Standard automated controller
    • Consist of a hot and cold water solenoid valve, dual timers, a cycle start button and cycle complete light
  • Deluxe automated controller
    • Includes the features of the standard automated controller with the addition of automated soap and rinse aid dispenser pumps with tubing pick up lines for the detergent and rinse aid.
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Product: SWASH Sink Top Growler Washer