SWASH Glass Washer - Hot Rinse

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SWASH Glass Washer - Hot Rinse
  • The beer, wine or distilled spirits you make is what you want your customers to taste.
  • When your glasses or stem-ware are not properly cleaned and sanitized, you run the risk of tainting the tasting
  • Swash Sanitizing Equipment has established itself as a leader in providing equipment and expertise to the food and beverage industry for cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing.
  • To optimize the cleaning process Swash Sanitizing Equipment has partnered with CMA Dishmachines to offer a hot water commercial washer that does not require the use of chemical sanitizers, reducing the risk of odors or off-tastes.
  • Commercial (NSF) standards of sanitization are met with the use of detergent, rinse aid and hot water.
  • Detergent, rinse aid, and wash pumps are built-in.
  • The washer produces hot water sanitizing through the use of a built-in 5.3kW booster heater.
  • A safety system ensures sanitizing temperatures in the final rinse by holding the wash cycle in run mode until the final rinse temperature is detected to be in the user definable range of 180°F to 195°F.
  • The heat also improves drying. The 3/4 HP wash pump provides excellent recirculation at 38gpm with a 2.5 gallon wash tank in line. The unit gravity drains into a floor drain. If a floor drain is not available, an optional drain pump can be included. The unit comes standard with upper and lower stainless steel wash and final rinse arms, digital LED temperature gauges and easy to operate controls.
  • The total cycle time with incoming hot water of at least 140°F is 2 minutes. Approximately 30 racks per hour can be processed. Water consumption is less than one gallon per cycle. A removable drain screen protects the pump from damage from debris.
  • The unit is designed for free standing or can be placed under the counter.

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Product: SWASH Glass Washer - Hot Rinse