SWASH Electro Steam Cart

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Swash Portable Steam Generator - Deluxe and Standard
Pressure SettingsDual, pre-­‐set 20 & 80psi, control and safety
Push­‐button select low/high pressure
Manual over pressure reset at control panel
Pressure gauge on control panel
Single, manual adjust, control and safety
Screwdriver, dial psi on control and safety each time
Manual over pressure reset on pressure switch
Pressure gauge by pressure switches
Feed Water PumpHi-­‐temp rated for 190°F water
Run-­‐dry safe
Rated for 140°F water
Electrical Protection Circuit breakersCircuit breakers
PortabilityLarge pneumatic wheels
Dynamic balanced with foot assist, easy to tip over hoses
Equi-balanced on four wheels
Safety/SecurityPiping cabinet enclosed
Sight glass enclosed
Drain valve remote
Drain valve protected
Lighted power switch
Lighted manual over pressure reset switches
ASME code stamped
UL listed
Piping exposed
Sight glass exposed
Drain valve at drain
Drain valve exposed
Toggle power switch
No light indicator for tripped reset switch
ASME code stamped
UL listed

Accessory StorageTwo slots for wand/gun
Wire hanger for hose/cord
Optional four slots
Optional top parts basket (coming soon)
No wand or gun storage
Wrap hose around handle
Options Available
  • Standard and Deluxe Model
  • For more information please download the attached pdf 
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Product: SWASH Electro Steam Cart