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STS S2/L Labeller

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STS S2/L Labeller


Adhesive linear labeller with 2 labeling stations for front and back label application from the same roll or two separate coils.

Machine equipped with:

  • Labeling stations with stepper motor in direct current to allow perfect label spacing
  • Suitable for labeling cylindrical bottles with a diameter from 60 to 110 mm (with standard equipment)
  • Machine built entirely in stainless steel with some aluminum parts, anti-scratch and anti-corrosion varnishes
  • Machine to be inserted in line


The possible configurations make the labeling machine suitable for applying in adhesive:

  • Single label
  • Front label and back label
  • Wraparound label
  • Neck strap
  • Stamp

On cylindrical bottle:

  • Centering notch
  • Application of a second label onto a bottle already labelled


  • Capsule distribution tray synchronized to the labeller with cap presence sensor
  • Capsule rolling head or capsule heat shrinking head
  • Pneumatic stamper for batch-date-vintage
  • Hot printer
  • Paper passage 200mm
  • Conveyor, drive motor and collecting plate
TemplateHourly Production
Labeling Heads
min-max (mm)
(LxPxH) (mm)
Tape Dimensions
(BxHxL) (mm)
Worktable height
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Collection Plate
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Product: STS S2/L Labeller

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