StaVin Tank Fan System

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StaVin Tank Fan System

Use your resources efficiently and maintain quality by installing Tank Fans, realizing production cost savings of up to 85%.

Stave Fans offer convenient handling in and out of tanks, requiring minimal hardware for setup. Add to that, free- floating orientation allows wine to fully circulate throughout all staves. And they’re highly flexible: hang fans above the floor for fermentation and lees-stirring programs.

StaVin’s neutral metal polybags (for Fire Toast staves) and polybags (for Savour Oak Convection and Barrel Head staves) guarantee Tank Fans arrive in pristine condition. Pleasing, complex aromas will assure you that StaVin’s premium toasted oak will enrich your wines.

A variety of toast methods and toast levels make Tank Fans a powerful tool to steer your program in the direction of whichever particular flavors and aromas are desired

Dosages & Specifications:

100% New barrel impact: One 44 sq ft (4.1 sq m) Fan Pack per 180 gal (681 l)
Length: Toasted Fans 36” (91cm) | Barrel Head Fan 18” (45cm)
Width: 1.5-2.5 inches (3.8 - 6.4 cm)
Thickness: Approx. 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Contact time: 4 months minimum
Seasoning: 3 years in natural elements
Toast method: Traditional Fire, Savour Oak Convection Oven and Barrel Head
Toast levels: Medium, Medium Plus or Heavy (Fire Toast only)
Useful life: 2 years
Type of oak: American, French or Hungarian
Displacement: 4.3 gal (16 l)

Combine the Barrel Head Fan (shown above, center) with a Medium Plus Fire Toasted Fan (shown above, on the left) and a Convection Oven Toasted Fan (shown above, right of center) to achieve high quality barrel flavors and mouth feel in your tanks.

Options Available
Toast method:Traditional Fire, Savour Oak Convection Oven and Barrel Head
Toast levels:Medium, Medium Plus or Heavy (Fire Toast only)
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