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Stainless Steel Wine Barrels

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Fine winemakers around the globe are turning to steel cooperage because of its product integrity, longevity and material purity. Stainless Steel Wine Drums are designed for all stages of development, fermentation and maturation. Use them to complement your oak barrels—for storage, aging, topping-off, experimentation or when oak notes are undesirable. The 55 Gallon Drums are designed to fit standard barrel racks for wine. Also offered are stainless steel fittings to aid in micro-oxygenation, for better control of tannins, color stability and aroma integration.

There are 5 sizes of crevice-free, seamless stainless steel wine barrels (items IW25TB, IW30TB, IW55TB, IW60TB, IW80TB). This design is the easiest to clean, virtually eliminating any accumulation of bacteria.


Steel Thickness


5 Gal/19 Ltr-124 Gal/469 Ltr0.9-2.0mm (20 - 14 gauge)Tri-Clover and Tri-Sure
Options Available
  • IW25TB
  • IW30TB
  • IW55TB
  • IW60TB
  • IW80TB
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Product: Stainless Steel Wine Barrels

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