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Fixed Head Squeegees
  • A series of squeegees designed to exceed all expectations.
  • These double blade squeegees are built for heavy use and make light work of your toughest tasks.
  • The easy to clean and replace refill cassettes combined with a one-piece head provide a durable, sanitary solution for your cleaning needs.
Double Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegees
  • The intelligent design of these squeegees unites maximum efficiency with the highest level of hygiene.
  • They deliver the extra cleaning capacity of our fixed head double blade foam squeegees without compromising the hygiene maintained by our single blade ultra hygiene squeegees.
  • They feature double blades that are color-coded and replaceable.
Ultra Hygiene Squeegees
  • These single blade squeegees are molded in one piece with no seams or crevices for bacteria to hide.
  • Use of a co-molding process produces a flexible rubber blade with a reinforced head for added hygiene and durability.
  • In addition, the entire squeegee is color-coded to aid in your efforts of due diligence.
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