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Semi Automatic Fillers - TA 5-14 Rotary Filling

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Rotary Fillers TA5 / TA8
  • Sterile filler for wines, juices and other liquids
  • Professional fallpressure fill valves
  • The bottle filling process starts automatically when a bottle is pushed under the valve
  • Filling stops automatically once the desired fill height is reached
  • Easy to adjust the bottle height, bottle diameter and fill height
  • Plexiglas holding tank as standard on TA5 and stainless steel for the TA8
  • Optional variant with stainless steel holding tanks, which are resistant to steam cleaning
  • Bottle centring plates available for special bottles (square, magnum)
  • Infinitely variable electric drive
Technical DataTA 5TA 8
Filling valves58
Filling capacity approx.750800
Tank volume (l)2650
Bottle height up to (mm)500500
Bottles Ø mm40-12040-120
Dimensions Ø 500 x 1620Ø 500 x 1620
Weight (kg)3450
Electrical supply230V/0.1 kW230V/0.1kW
Rotary Fillers TA10 / TA14
  • Pressure bottle filler with 10 or 14 filling stations
  • Bottles are loaded manually
  • Also optionally available as a fully automatic variant with feed and discharge belts
  • Electric tank height adjustment to easily fit different bottle heights and fill levels
  • Easily replaceable starwheel for different bottle diameters
  • Electronically controllable filling output
  • Integrated automatic safety switch-off function
  • Automatic bottle transfer (e.g. to optional accumulating roller belt)
  • Made of stainless steel, which makes it fully resistant to steam cleaning
  • Also available as a bottle filler for hot juices
Technical Data TA 10TA 14
Fitting valves
Filling capacity approx. (l/h)
Capacity approx. (bottles)16001600
Tank volume (l)9090
Bottle height (mm)
Bottles Ø (internal, mm)
Dimensions (LxWxH)1200x900x20001300X1000X2000
Weight in kg
Electrical supply230V230V
Options Available
  • For TA 10 & TA14
    • Feed/discharge conveyor belts
    • Electric fill level monitor
    • Station for superimposing CO2 and fill height levelling after the filling process
    • Mobile stand
    • Add-on kit for filling bottles with hot liquids (digital temperature gauge, etc.)
    • Bottle pre-evacuation with inert gas injection (fully automatic variant required)
    • Sterile filter cartridge for tank ventilation
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Product: Semi Automatic Fillers - TA 5-14 Rotary Filling

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