Rotating Spray Head

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Rotating Spray Head SSB75
  • Slow, Constant rotation speed at different pressure
  • Ball Bearing Free- Increased Service Life
  • Economic Flow Rates
  • High Efficiency Fan Jets
  • FDA conform and ATEX exempt
  • Available for tank safety system VARITOP®
Versatile & Unique
  • The Breconcherry Turbo SSB 75 takes the popular slotted spray ball format into its next evolutionary phase by removing the ball bearings and slowing the rotation speed down.
  • A unique pressure regulation system in the drive chamber helps to keep the rotation speed consistent under differing pressure.
  • The unit functions with a hydraulic and PTFE bearing system giving the unit an increased lifetime, reducing wear and potentially prohibiting any contamination issues associated with bearing degradation.
  • Wash fluid is directed through the slots on the rotating ball, producing independent strong fan jets giving total coverage.
  • Each fan jet targets a specific area of the vessel.
  • Ideal for burst rinsing or prolonged washing with instant, strong impact performance.

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Product: Rotating Spray Head