Protan Peel – 1kg

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Seed tannin obtained from over ripe crunchy and nutty pips

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Product Description

Protan Peel is a tannin obtained from the skin of unfermented and pressed grapes, processed with a system that gently extracts proanthocyanidins, keeping the molecules intact and reactive.

Thanks to innovative system of water extraction, Protan Peel maintains fresh notes and integrates into the wine’s tannin profile with soft, structured notes. It has strong affinity to wines aged in oak.

Utilizing Protan Peel during the final refining stages gives a longer shelf-life and enhances the persistence and sweetness in the finish, effectively covering any bitter notes.

Directions for use: Add directly to wine. Allow at least a week before filtering.

Dosage: 10-40 mL/hL (0.8 – 4.5lbs / 1,000 gallons)

Packaging: 1kg bottles

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