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Pneumatage Cap Management and Tank Mixing

Revolutionary method of managing the cap formed during red wine fermentation

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Product Description

  • Revolutionary method of managing the cap formed during red wine fermentation.
  • Pulsair’s “Pneumatage” equipment is being used throughout the world in place of pumping over, punching down, irrigation and other conventional methods of cap management.
  • Pulsair offers hand-held, portable systems and fixed, programmable tank systems that accommodate any size winery.
  • By sequentially introducing a large bubble of clean compressed air or nitrogen, Pulsair can effectively break the cap and circulate the fruit and skins throughout tank.
  • The Pulsair bubble uses gravity and the weight of the liquid, to circulate the contents without shearing the product or macerating the fruit.
  • Control options provide flexibility for wineries of any size.
  • The PTM-2000W hand-held series can be used from the top of the tank, the racking port or drain port.
  • This lightweight equipment can be moved from tank to tank with relative ease.
  • Programmable systems offer the most convenience and cost savings for the winemaker.
  • By setting the “Pneumatage” parameters ahead of time, winemakers know that the cap will be managed on time, consistently, every time.
  • The smaller mixers weigh less than ten pounds for mixing containers up to 2000 gallons and can be used at the top of the tank with a probe or mounted at the racking or drain port.
  • Units include a power head, stainless steel check valve, filter and 25 feet of air hose.

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