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Oak Beans

Same great fire-toasted oak characteristics found in our staves with faster extraction times due to the increased surface area.

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StaVin Oak Beans

Whether in tank or barrel, when you have less time to oak your wine or just want to touch up your wine, use the StaVin Oak Bean. The Beans are cut from our minimum three-year seasoned, Fire Toasted staves and offer a quicker extraction rate while delivering the same complex flavor compounds as our staves.

We also offer two other bagged products for tanks using two additional toasting preparations, the Savour Oak String Bean and Barrel Head Long Bean, which can be used separately or in combination with the Fire Toasted Beans. Blending these products, with micro-oxygenation, will enable you to replicate any of your favorite barrels.

Conveniently, for those who want to avoid opening the heads of their barrels, Oak Beans can be deployed loose in the barrel or with an Infusion Tube.

During fermentation Beans are a natural oak product for initiating the stabilization of color and for cross-linking tannins. Early use of Beans in red wine production helps build a wine’s structure, which will improve mouthfeel and tend to deepen the color of a red wine.



100% New barrel impact:Use 1.5 lb (680 g) per 60 gal (227 l)
Size± 3/8 inch (10 mm) cubed
Contact time:2 months minimum
Seasoning:3 years in natural elements
Toast method:Traditional Fire, Savour Oak Convection Oven and Barrel Head
Toast levels:Medium, Medium Plus or Heavy
Useful life:1 years
Type of oak:American, French or Hungarian
Displacement:4.3 gal (16 l)
Package Weight:20 lb (9 kg) bag

Beans are shipped in poly-metal bags. On the inside is a 20 lb (9 kg) food grade nylon mesh bag (pictured, above). The Savour Oak String Bean and Barrel Head Long Bean (pictured left and right, below) can be used either separately or in combination with the Fire Toasted Beans.

The Savour Oak String Bean


Product Documents

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