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Brewers can also choose the details of the equipment according to their brewing process. For example, the type of control, the style of the tank, the heating method and so on.

The microbrewery equipment design of equipment has greater flexibility and can adapt to the actual layout of different bars, restaurants.

We can supply you with complete micro-brewing equipment, we provide complete brewing solutions and proposal for microbrewery build up, micro brewery can be divided into 2-vessel, 3-vessel, 4-vessel configuration according to brewhouse combination tank type.

Two Vessel Brewhouse

These configurations are great for small to mid-size breweries with up to two brews per day.

  • Option A: Mash & Lauter tun Combination, Brew kettle & Whirlpool Combination-Popular for Infusion mashing & Decoction Mashing
  • HLT Option: With or Without

Option B: Mash & Kettle Combination, Lauter & Whirlpool Combination- For Decoction Mashing

Three Vessel Brewhouse

3 vessel brewhouse can process more brews per day.

  • Option A: Mash mixer, lauter tun, brew kettle & whirlpool Combination
  • Energy Saving

Option B: Mash & kettle Combination, lauter tun, Whirlpool tank.

Option C: Mash & Lauter Combination, Brew kettle, Whirlpool

HLT Option: With or Without

Heating Method: Steam, Electrical, Fire directly

Control: Full Automatic Or Manual

UL Or CUL Certificated

Stainless Steel 304 Construction

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