Fermo RO3

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Fermo R03 has been specifically bred for keg and bottle fermentation. This yeast has a good tolerance to alcohol, a fast fermentation dynamic and an excellent sedimentation ability.

Fermoale R03 doesn't ferment maltotriose, which ease dosing sugars and standardizing refermented beers. Fermo R03 protects the primary fermentation specificity of specialty malts, hops, or spices.

The high viability of this strain ensure the success of your keg or bottle fermentation as well as the quality of the final product.

Aroma: Neutral

Flocculation: High

Pitching Rate:

  • Filtered beer: 5-7 g/hL
  • Unfiltered beer: 4-5 g/hL
  • IPA or Alcohol > 7,5% beer : 8-10 g/hL

Options Available
  • 100g packs
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Product: Fermo RO3