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About Endozym b-Split

Ideal Use:Enzymatic preparation to increase wine aromatic intensity.
  • Endozym Beta-Split is a pectolitic enzyme with a high ß-glucosidasic activity, able to considerably increase wine aromatic intensity.
  • The bouquet of a wine is composed by numerous molecules with aromatic characteristics which are free or combined with glucides such as glucose, arabinose, ramnose and apiose.
  • Many experimental data showed that the combined aromatic component, that is the one combined with sugars, is higher than the free aromatic molecules.
  • Endozym Beta-Split frees up available varietal aromas that are bound with sugars that otherwise would only be available in the case of high over-ripening conditions of the fruit which are not always desired for the intended style of the final wine.
  • Endozym Beta-Split selectively acts on links binding terpens with sugars and gives the best results when it is used at the end of the fermentation, with a concentration of residual sugars lower than 5%.
  • Endozym Beta-Split is purified by the cinnamyl-esterasic activity, resistant to pH and to the presence of sulphur dioxide.
Dosage Rate & Usage Instructions:
  • 2- 5 grams per hl depending on contact time, temperature and SO2 content. High sugar and low temperatures reduce the activity of Endozym ß-Split so dosage must be increased accordingly. Precaution need to be taken in order to avoid the enzyme coming into contact with high dosage levels of SO2 or bentonite.
  • Dissolve directly in 20-30 parts of non-sulfurized must or in demineralized water and add to must or wine
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  • 500g
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