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SPX-SEITAL Centrifuge Separators
  • Over 30 years experience in designing & building centrifuges for the beverage industry
  • Uses include: Hot Wort clarification, Trub wort clarification, Green beer clarification, Beer recovery from lees
  • Some models allow for bright beer production
  • Laminar flow, triple mechanical seals with auto cooling and complete displacement of air in the bowl results in lowest O2 pick-up in the industry (average 5-10 ppb) and minimized CO2 loss
  • Operator friendly with “idiot proof” safeguards to protect your investment like auto cooling water check before start button is enabled and dry-run protection
  • All interior surfaces including C.I.P. loop in stainless steel to ensure complete sanitization is achieved
  • Self lubricating system
  • Color touch screen PLC control panel monitoring working hours, voltage, amperage, bowl speed, discharge times, critical and non-critical alarms
  • “Totalizer” using flow meter and software to filter pre-set volumes with auto stop
  • North American support and parts warehousing
  • Lower maintenance requirements than the competitors through improved mechanical parts reliability via high dynamic stability (very low vibration at high RPM)
  • Inlet strainer to prevent dangerous large particles from entering the filter
  • Effective clarification under operation pressure up to 10 bar
  • Skid mounted designs for small footprint in your cellar and short installation times
Options Available
  • Size
    • Green beer filtration output from 25 hL/hr up to 750 hL/hr
  • Stainless steel clad housing
  • Discharge outlet eccentric screw pump
  • Outlet Turbidity meter
  • Remote monitoring of operation
  • Centrifugal feed pump
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Product: Centrifuge Separators

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