Barrel Innerstave

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In-barrel mounted system with the equivalent new barrel impact of a 225L barrel.

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Product Description

  • Barrel Innerstave contains 18.16 sq. ft. of surface area.
  • Barrel length oak staves are held in place in a radial design lining the barrel with polyethylene rods.
  • The system is inserted by our cooperage team into the opened head of a neutral barrel.
  • Oak extraction replicates that of a new barrel.
  • The absence of staves at the bunghole and the bottom lees pool leaves racking and stirring uninhibited.
  • This system is cleanable with regular barrel cleaning procedures
  • Barrel Innerstave allows for renewing 100% of the oak flavors in depleted barrels and is designed to impart oak flavor at the same rate as new premium oak barrels.
  • The system can be used in all phases of winemaking and works within the framework of a comprehensive barrel program to augment total premium oak flavor profiles, while moderating the higher cost of purchasing all new barrels.
  • The system is intended for long term use, full extraction is generally reached after two years.
  • 1.687 sq m of oak is 100% new barrel impact of a 225l barrel.
  • Intended for long term use, full extraction after 24 months.

Additional Information


French, American


• Medium, Medium Plus • Custom Toasting Levels: Light, Plus Plus


Available for barrels 225L-500L

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