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Automatic Bottle Sealing Turrets TV 2000

Automatic Bottle Sealing

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Product Description

  • The new sealing unit as a fully automatic system for sealing bottles and other containers (wines, other liquids) in small and large batches
  • With this machine the following types of sealing are possible
    • Screw Caps
    • Long Cap / Stelvin Cap
    • Natural corks
    • Crown corks
    • Twist-Off
  • The sealing unit can easily be integrated into an existing bottling line or the bottles can be introduced manually.
  • Different bottle diameters can be fed into the sealing unit without the need for additional components. Bottle height and bottle diameter can be adjusted quickly and easily to your requirements.
  • In the equipment configuration for screw caps (see Fig. TV2000S) we have installed a high quality industrial screw cap; a pneumatic ram provides secure sealing.
  • The caps are automatically isolated and fed to the screwing head.
  • Because of the quick and uncomplicated disassembly of the conveyor belt and sorting unit this machine is suitable for mobile use, such as, e.g. for the hiring out of bottling equipment.
  • Combinations of different types of seal are possible on request.
  • An extended drive station, extended turning station, and conveyor belt extensions at entry and exit are available as optional equipment, as is a storage table.
  • Conversion sets for different types of sealing can be provided on request
TV 2000 – TWIN
  • This combination unit has 2 closure stations designed to allow you to use either one without any time-consuming conversions.
  • Options allows you to choose 2 different closures for one machine including Stelvin screwcaps, corks or crown caps.
  • Both turrets are always ready to be used.

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TV 2000 + TV 2000 TWIN, SEALING POSSIBLE FOR, Screwcaps, Long Cap/ Stelvin Cap, Natural Corks, Crown Corks, Twist Off