Brewing with Oak Additives

Oct 29, 2021

Brewing with Oak Additives

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Most brewers who use oak in the brewing process brew their beer first, then transfer the beer to expensive used barrels for aging. We like to suggest an alternative approach to barrel-aging where oak barrel alternatives are considered in the planning stages as a predictable flavouring ingredient.

Innerstave “Oak Complements” help to round out a traditional barrel program. They will allow you to achieve precise flavour profiles that are scalable, rather than having to rely on trial and error with unpredictable used barrel flavors.

Innerstave’s “Fiber Infusion Technology” infuses actual spirits and wine into the oak and can help you bring an aged spirit or wine barrel impact to your beers. Similar to the consistency of the toasting process, the Fiber Infusion process is also precise and scalable and will alleviate some of the hassles associated with barrel sourcing while putting you back in control of the flavours you impart in your brews.

A great start is the Innerstave Fan in French oak medium toast:

Innerstave Fan

  • Innerstave Oak Fans provide extraction rates similar to a new premium label toasted oak barrel.
  • The set is designed for easy attachment in beer tanks and can be applied in all phases of brewing from boiling to maturation.
  • Innerstave Oak Fans provide breweries the opportunity to obtain new oak barrel character in large beer tanks without incurring the high costs of purchasing and working with barrels.
  • Each Oak Fan represents the surface area of approximately 1 new 225L barrel.

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