Cellar-Tek, supplier to the commercial
Winery, Brewery, Cidery & Distillery Industry.

From Fermentation to Filtration, Processing to Packaging
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Cellar-Tek is proud to support the beverage industry
with years of experience and knowledge,
having winemakers and brewers on staff.

Cellar-Tek, supplier to the commercial Winery, Brewery, Cidery & Distillery Industry across Canada & North America. Founded in 2004 Cellar-Tek was born from the idea that wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries wanted honest, local, technical service and support from their equipment & supplies distributor. Operating under that model, Cellar-Tek has grown from its humble beginnings in the heart of the Okanagan, British Columbia wine region to encompass 15 employees. Now operation from two fully stocked warehouses, one located in the Craft Beer district of Kelowna, and the other in St. Catharines, Ontario to better serve the Niagra wine country.

We are continually searching our global network for the finest quality equipment, products and supplies for the beverage production industry. We encourage you to browse our website for your winery, brewery, cider making or distilling needs.

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FermoBrew Acid - AEB

CLICK HERE to see the complete video from Doctor Magali PICARD, from Demptos Research Center, as she detail the interactions between wood and spirits

1000 kg/h. Washing system consisting of sorting grid, washing vessel and chain conveyor. The conveyor speed can by adjusted using the integrated frequency converter.
Instantly dissolving (IDP) ellagic and proanthocyanidic tannin preparation.
Mixing Tanks (Distilling)
Fixes most aromatic faults in red wines. Polysaccharides and tannins based, yeast derived product.
Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and all aromatics white wines
Chain-of-Oak is a through the bung hole delivery system designed by Innerstave to beneÿt those winemakers who do not require 100% new barrel impact oak flavor.

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