FILTROX Filter Sheets & Lenticular Modules

Filtration Sheets: FILTROX-FibraFix

FILTROX AG: experts in filtration since 1938
The mission of FILTROX is clear: We want to be the world's leading supplier of microfiltration systems for highly sensitive liquids. This decidedly specialized niche in the filtration market has been the focus of FILTROX since its foundation in 1938.
While technology has changed greatly throughout the years, one thing remains the same: Our customers produce liquids that not only need to be clear, but clean. When it comes to product safety, there is no room for error. That is why they choose FILTROX filtration systems for their reliability and safety.

Filter sheets are produced from carefully selected and refined bleached cellulose fibres, filter aids (Kieselguhrs (D.E.)/Perlites) and foodgrade approved cationic resins.

  • The use of filter sheets for liquid filtration has proved to be a reliable and economical method over many decades. FILTROX filter sheets conform to the requisite food grade regulations.The raw materials used in their manufacture are in accordance with the guidelines set out by the FDA and conform to GMP requirements. FILTROX-WERK AG was accredited to ISO 9001 in 1995.
The labyrinth-like structure of depth filter sheets enables the removal of coarse and fine particulate matter, colloids, yeasts and bacteria, depending on the grade of filter sheet. The grades for sterilizing filtration duties are also used upstream of absolute rated membranes to extend their service life.

Filter sheets and lenticular modules are divided into the following ranges:
  • coarse filtration
  • clarifying filtration
  • fine filtration
  • germ reducing filtration
  • sterile filtration
we stock all grades
in 40 x 40
Filter sheets work 3-dimensionally
  • as a sieve (strain) on the surface (sieve effect)
  • as a mechanical trap within the structure of the sheets (depth effect)
  • as a magnetic trap due to the adsorbtive effect of electostatic charge

Lenticular Modules

Drip-free Lenticular housing & filter modules
  • closed system, leakage free filter system
  • same quality depth filtration as standard filter sheets, with long life due to re-usability
  • no infection of filter media from outside
  • regeneration of modules = longer lifetime
  • easy and fast replacement of the modules
  • vertical construction = smaller footprint in your winery
  • low use of cold and hot water for rinsing, regeneration and sterilization because of compact construction
  • simple system, no moving parts
Technical Data for standard lenticular filter modules
  • think "contained sheet filter"
Filter materials
  • proven depth filter media: same quality as standard filter sheets,with high "dirtholding" capacity
  • available in 12" & 16" diameters in all grades