Laffort Fining, Stabilizing Agents

"Improving the wine through aging on mannoproteins"


Preparation of yeast cell walls compounds and specific hydrolyzed polysaccharides preparation that acts on gustatory sensations in the wine by smoothing the palate and decreasing the perception of acidity.

  • BIOLEES MP® can be added during wine ageing or before bottling. Its soluble formulation helps dissolving immediately and thus facilitates its applications. Dosage: 100 to 400 ppm - 0.8 to 3.2 lbs/1,000 gal.


Pure Verek Gum Arabic solution with high grade protection index (>8) for stabilizing unstable coloring matter in red wines

  • Hydrophilic colloid which aims to counter hazes and colloidal deposits, allowing the wine to retain maximum clarity:
  • Stabilizes unstable coloring matter.
  • Increases protection with regard to metallic or protein casses.
  • Ready for incorporation into wine.

Dosage: 100 to 300 mL /hL -8 to 24 lbs / 1,000 gal


STABIVIN® SP is an gum arabic solution manufactured from highly purified gums

  • Due to its specific manufacturing procedure and the strict selection of the arabic gum used, STABIVIN® SP contributes to the colloidal structure of the wines (softness and mouthfeel).
  • Very low clogging index.

Dosage: 100 to 300 mL / hL – 8 to 24 lbs / 1,000 gal.


Potassium caseinate developed for treatment of oxidation phenomena and maderization in musts and wines (rosé and white)

  • In the case of oxidized wines (browning), CASEI PLUS decolors the wine, contributing to color refreshment while also refining gustatory characteristics.
  • In the case of botrytised harvests, CASEI PLUS is recommended in the treatment of young white or rosé wines (reds in certain cases) to decrease the oxidized character.
  • Clarification agent which contributes to preparing wine for filtration.
  • Decreases the iron content in white wines.

Dosage: 50 to 200 ppm - 0.4 to 1.6 lbs/1,000 gal for clarification

200 to 600 ppm - 1.6 to 4.8 lbs/1,000 gal for maderization treatment and color correction.

OVOCLARYL (formerly egg albumine powder)

Egg albumin fining agent which is particularly adapted for reducing and harmonizing excess polyphenolic fractions in red wines

  • For red wines with a tannin structure that lacks balance and refinement at the finish, OVOCLARYL rounds-off and refines the structure, while preserving the wine aromatic character and specificity.
  • For young red wines or those ready for bottling, OVOCLARYL enables unstable tannins to be eliminated and facilitates polyphenolic stability.
  • Clarification agent which contributes towards preparing wines for filtration.

Dosage: 550 to 100 ppm – 0.4 to 0.8 lbs/1,000 gal.

40 ppm corresponds to 1 fresh egg white.


Fish-based (Isinglass) fining agent adapted to high-grade white and rosé wine fining and clarification. ICHTYOCOLLE restores high organoleptic clarity and remarkable brilliance to treated wines

  • For wines with bitterness, ICHTYOCOLLE enables the elimination, by flocculation, of the polyphenols which are responsible for this character, while maintaining organoleptic qualities.
  • In the case of viscous wines (sweet white wine types derived from botrytised harvests), ICHTYOCOLLE improves filterability by acting on gums and mucilages.
  • Reduces the risk of wine browning.

Dosage: 10 to 30 ppm - 0.08 lbs to 0.24/1,000 gal.


Preparation of PVPP for preventive and curative treatment of the oxidation of juices and wines

  • Reduces and prevents the risk of maderization, and pinking in white wines.
  • Removes preferentially the polyphenols responsible for bitterness.
  • Viniclar P is pure PVPP, while Viniclar contains a little bit of bentonite for a better clarification and an easier filtration

Dosage: 150 to 300 ppm - 1.2 to 2.4 lbs/1,000 gal for preventive treatment

300 to 800 ppm - 2.4 to 6.4 lbs/1,000 gal for curative treatment for wine and oxidized juice.


Combination of PVPP and Casein for preventing and treating oxidation in juice and wine (white and rosé)

  • Inhibits browning and pinking while diminishing bitterness.
  • Gentle and complete fining action on phenolic compounds.
  • Enhances the freshness of the hue (purple) when used in rosé juices and wines.

Dosage: 150 to 300 ppm - 1.2 to 2.4 lbs/1,000 gal for oxidation protection.

300 to 700 ppm - 2.4 to 5.6 lbs/1,000 gal for juice treatment.


Combination of casein and bentonite for treating juice and wine (white and rosé) against oxidation

  • Prevents the oxidation of white juices (in case of laccase contamination).
  • Eliminates substances responsible for bitterness and grassy taste.

Dosage: 600 to 1200 ppm - 4.8 to 9.6 lbs/1,000 gal.


Combination of PVPP, bentonite and fish-derived fining agents for curative oxidation treatment of musts and wines.

  • Eliminates oxidizable and oxidized phenolic compounds (quinones).
  • Protects musts and their aromatic precursors in regard to oxidation phenomena.
  • Eliminates bitterness in wines.
  • Limits free SO2 binding agents.

Fish is not considered as an allergen in EU, therefore Polymust AF is considered as an Allergen Free product in EU

Dosage: 150 to 700 ppm - 1.2 to 5.6 lbs/1,000 gal.


Decontaminant for fermenting musts and young wines for reducing geosmin and octenone content.

  • Activated plant-origin oenological charcoal characterised by a specific porosity which enables selective adsorption of geosmin (moist earth, beet) and octenone (mushroom).
  • Corrects the organoleptic character of wines from musts which have been affected by fungi such as rot or powdery mildew.

Dosage: Action on geosmin: 150 to 250 ppm - 1.2 to 2.0 lbs/1,000 gal. / Action on octenone: 350 to 450 ppm - 2.8 to 3.6 lbs/1,000 gal.

Maximum legal dosage: 1000 ppm - 8.0 lbs/1,000 gal.


Activated carbon for alimentary use

  • Treatment of oxidized white wines.

Dosage: 200 to 1000 ppm.


Liquid gelatin produced from a selection of exceptionally pure raw materials, exclusively of porcine origin

GECOLL® SUPRA is recommended for treating:

  • High quality red wines, young red wines with highly reactive tannins
  • Rosé wines (and dry or sweet white wines).

GECOLL® SUPRA favors clarification of must during settling and contributes to softening of hard press wines.

Dosage: 30-40 mL/hL - 300 to 400 ppm - 2.4 to 3.2 lbs/1,000 gal on juice.

40-100 mL/hL - 400 to 1,000 ppm - 3.2 to 8 lbs/1,000 gal on wine.


Liquid gelatin produced from a selection of exceptionally pure raw materials, exclusively of porcine origin

For young closed wines, fruitiness and aroma delicacy are restored with GELAROM® treatment. GELAROM® is also adapted to clarification in:

  • Musts by flotation.
  • Juices derived from thermal treatment.

Dosage: 20-30 mL/hL - 200 to 300 ppm - 1.6 to 2.4 lbs/1,000 gal on juice.

30-60 mL/hL - 300 to 600 ppm - 2.4 to 4.8 lbs/1,000 gal on wine.


Heat soluble gelatin

  • Rapid elimination of undesirable phenolics (clarification and stabilization effect).
  • Improvement of the wines ageing potential (refinement of the phenolic composition).
  • This highly purified gelatin retains the wine's balance and aromatic finesse.

Dosage: 60 to 70 ppm - 0.48 to 0.8 lbs/1,000.


Colloidal silica solution that may be used in combination with all organic fining agents

  • Improves fining efficiency: flocculation and settling.
  • Prevents over-fining.

Dosage: 300 ppm – 30 mL/hL – 1.14L/1,000 gal.

Add SILIGEL prior to gelatin or fining agent.

Note: use 0.5 to 1.0 mL of Siligel to 1.0mL of gelatin.